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SRD Consulting Services

For more than 25 years, Australia’s industry leaders have trusted us to overcome their toughest problems with innovative, yet practical solutions that produce positive, sustainable outcomes.

SRD Strategy

Revealing the course to long-term prosperity.

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Your business has a destination in mind, but perhaps you lack a roadmap to improve growth and profitability. SRD Consulting can light the way. Within 5 business days you have your Growth Plan. We get to know your organisation – your leadership team, your goals and frustrations, your customers and employees. We follow with data-driven analysis and a detailed strategic plan to enhance your competitive edge – and keep it sharp for the foreseeable future.

SRD Delivery

Getting maximum value from major projects.

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When a capital project must succeed unequivocally, bring us in early. SRD works with your project team to frame the project, identify bottlenecks and break down barriers, so the job – however colossal – comes in on time and lands within budget. We use a proprietary system of value improvement practices and assurance reviews that are statistically correlated with enhanced project outcomes. Through an end-to-end stage-gating methodology, we help you ensure that decision-makers are aligned, resources are managed effectively, funding is in place, and key milestones are met. The end result – a healthy return on investment.

SRD Envision

Predicting real-world people performance.

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Your organisational approach or project plan might look great on paper. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a crystal ball? To know if your project was destined to flourish or fail? Actually, seeing the future isn’t all that far-fetched. SRD is one of a few consulting firms in the world capable of using human simulation science, a computational modelling methodology that quantifies the ability of your people to deliver on your plan. We test your ideas and help you engineer your organisation and processes for optimal efficiency. With SRD Envision, foresight is 20/20.

SRD Advisors

Industry experts on call.

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Many industrial companies suffer from a skill gap in middle management when seasoned executives retire or leave the business. Their younger successors, whilst talented, often lack the practical experience to get results at the highest levels.

We created SRD Advisors to close that gap. We take proven executives with decades of experience in your industry, and assign them to coach your up-and-coming leaders. Whether embedded in your workplace or a phone call away, your SRD advisor provides shrewd counsel when the decisions don’t come easy.

Embrace the Challenge

With knowledge and skill comes confidence. Above all else, confidence is what we provide to our clients – a feeling of assurance that the job will be done, and done right. With confidence, mistakes can be avoided. Uncertainties can be managed. The vision can become reality.

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Sustaining the change

It’s human nature – people are resistant to change. The more ambitious your ideas, the more pushback you’ll face. But SRD can help with that, too. We believe change management should be a component of every major business initiative, because it can only succeed if employees get on board and stay there. We’ll help you articulate the value of your project, communicate it clearly, and engage your target audience to ensure the “old way” remains in the past.