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New solutions to age-old problems

New solutions to age-old problems

Improving business performance – like the invention of the wheel, it all comes down to finding a more efficient means to an end. Only now there are intricate corporate hierarchies, cloud-based IT systems and shifting financial regulations involved. While operational challenges may share similar roots, the solutions are constantly evolving. Today’s tried-and-true method could be obsolete tomorrow.

There’s no stopping change, which is why SRD believes flexibility and foresight are just as important as our past experience. We pair our existing knowledge with innovative methods and technologies, such as project stage-gating, human simulation science and process redesign.

And we’re always on the verge of the next productivity breakthrough. Put another way, we’re a blend of old and new, sage and savvy – a deliberate combination that brings maximum value to our clients.

When Asia Pacific LNG wanted to recover the schedule on their coal seam gas well construction program, they asked for SRD’s support. We used our unique computational modelling and simulation software, OrgSim, and used existing project data to build a model of the way the contractor organisation was delivering the well head and gathering infrastructure work, simulated performance and pin-pointed where things were impacting planned productivity. Then, SRD tested potential productivity improvements in the model to quantitatively demonstrate which improvements, singly and in combination, would deliver most benefits to the gathering construction effort. When implemented, the contractors were able to exceed their previous best number of completed wells/annum and recover their well delivery schedule.