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Grey hair has its benefits

Grey hair has its benefits

Self-proclaimed consultants are everywhere. But how do you know who’s really qualified to give you advice? To SRD, consulting means bringing many years of hard-earned experience to bear on challenges we’ve seen and conquered before.

We’ve been in the trenches and learned from mistakes – our own and those of others. And we’ve been around long enough to know that the right way to solve a problem isn’t always the easy way.

As consultants go, you might say we’re pioneers. Through the years, we’ve introduced our clients to the most progressive management tools and techniques of the day, from Total Quality Management, to public-private alliancing, to organisational engineering. And we’ve improved upon them – not just on paper – but through the trials of urgent and complex client projects.

Our senior-level consultants wear their “grey” like a badge of honour, because they’ve earned a seat at the big table. At the same time, they serve as mentors to SRD’s next generation of razor sharp, highly motivated professionals.

When Saudi Aramco needed subject matter experts to complete and complement their value assurance team and verify readiness of  a 40Bn refinery and petrochemical complex to proceed into its next phase of development, they turned to SRD. We provided three ‘grey hair’ subject matter experts, one with years of technical expertise in refining, another in project economic analysis and the third in the application of value improving practices. The result, a different methodology for conducting value assurance reviews and a five day turnaround of a value assurance report which, with a number of “do not proceed until this is complete” recommendations, gave the overall thumbs up advice for the Saudi Aramco Board to approve the monies to complete the next phase of development.